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The association of tire specialists in Austria has set itself the goal of increasing tire safety on Austria’s roads. Here you will find everything you need to know about tires.

More tire safety on Austria’s roads

The Association of Tire Specialists of Austria, based in Vienna, was founded with the aim of raising tire awareness in Austria.

The purpose of the association is to promote and raise safety awareness in the public, among authorities and within the framework of legislation, with regard to vehicle tires. Associated with this is the raising and promotion of road safety, especially tire safety, as well as in-service education and training of employees working in the tire industry.

The activities of the association extend to:

  • Contacting all persons interested in or influencing the Austrian tire market, such as media, companies, associations, authorities and public institutions (e.g. motorists’ clubs, Board of Trustees for Road Safety, etc.).
  • Maintaining an ongoing exchange of ideas within the members (communication) and cooperation between the members (cooperation) in order to achieve
  • the broadest possible agreement as far as possible on industry-specific issues and tire safety issues.
  • Informing members about the legal situation, case law, industry developments, technical innovations and informing the general public about safety-related developments, technical innovations, etc.
  • Consulting and training, education and training of employees in the tire industry by organizing in-service seminars, workshops and information events.
  • Cooperation with foreign associations and international organizations, with the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its branches, motorists’ clubs, etc.!

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