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We are an Austrian association for fair mobility with the aim to provide all mobility users with a fair, environmentally friendly and affordable offer. We are committed to ensuring that all stationary and online providers have free access to products and data so that they can shape their business in a forward-looking way. The VFT, whose activities are not aimed at profit, aims to promote the exchange of information, opinions and experience among mobility providers as well as the promotion of training and further education measures within the independent automotive parts dealers. The association represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis all relevant opinion leaders, authorities, legislators, all bodies under public law and the general public.

Acting together in the interest of all automotive businesses and private motorists.

Currently, half of all vehicle repairs are carried out by independent garages. The number of these workshops amounts to two thirds of the total number of motor vehicle workshops. The remaining third is owned by vehicle manufacturers or is very closely associated with them.

The current 6000 Austrian car repair stores will be strongly reduced in number over the next few years. The intention of the vehicle manufacturers to minimize the number of their car dealerships and repair stores and to cooperate more and more only with large potent partners or to force a direct sale of the cars via the Internet will contribute to this. The repair volume per vehicle is reduced by the ever better quality of the cars, the replacement of the combustion engine by alternative drives and the dominance of IT technology over mechanical components.

The Austrian Spare Parts Trade is a supplier for all professional repairers. Thus, it is directly linked to the development of the automotive repair market. Less repair volume – with less automotive stores – with higher technical requirements is the challenge of our profession. In addition, international competition and Internet offers put the industry under strong margin pressure.

In the past, just-in-time delivery of spare parts to workshops and drivers was the major challenge for the independent automotive aftermarket. Now, with insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet operators and car sharing providers, additional mobility providers have entered the market, which we have to take into account in our product range. The independent automotive parts market is and remains an important provider of mobility services.

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