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Objectives and tasks of the Fuhrparkverband Austria

The Fuhrparkverband Austria shall be the carrier of initiatives which aim at an improved market situation or market transparency for members. This is to gain knowledge that is accessible to all parties involved in the cited initiatives and provides essential information about various market processes.

  • The association shall represent the interests of all members with the aim of putting the common before the divisive.
  • The association shall be a valued and respected voice of the fleet operators operating in the Austrian market.
  • The association shall represent the interests of all members towards suppliers, authorities, legislators, all public bodies and the media.
  • The association shall exchange thoughts and experiences with all similar organizations of the same objective abroad.
  • The association shall promote the exchange of ideas and experiences within the fleet industry in Austria and offer assistance in solving problems, especially between supporting members and the regular or associated members.
  • The association shall design and offer training and further education measures.
  • The association has to exhaust all possibilities which lead to an improvement of the situation and quality of the members in the interest of its own concerns.
  • The association shall act as a neutral platform and shall not be profit-oriented.

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